Here is the homepage for all your assignments.

The following image consists of all the assignments (large and small) that you will work on in summer. The links underneath the image are the larger assignments. You can navigate to these pages using the links here or from the main menu above.

Summer Timeline


Spring Timeline of Assignments Online Dates: 1/9/17 – 5/19/17 F2F Dates: 3/4/17 and 5/13/17 Surveys due – 1/9 In the Room – 1/16 Spring ImagineIT Timeline – 1/30 Rocking the Boat – 2/13 Setting Goals: Instrumental and Missional Thinking – 2/27 ImagineIT Update – 3/13 (started during 3/4 meeting) This I Believe: First Draft – …


Assignment Timeline   Website Structure- July 18th Lesson Showcases – July 19th Determine focus of ImagineIT (no formal artifact submitted) – July 20th ImagineIT Phase 1: i-Image ONLY- July 22nd Amazing STEM – July 25th ImagineIT Phase 1: i-Video ONLY- July 26th ImagineIT Phase 2 – July 31st ImagineIT Phase 2 Revision – August 7th Deep Play Video (Tinker Tale #1) …


Overview of Fall   ImagineIT: Phase 4, Phase 5, Phase 6 Deep Play Groups: Outcome 1, Outcome 2, Outcome 3