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Assignment Timeline

Summer Timeline


  1. Website Structure- July 18th
  2. Lesson Showcases – July 19th
  3. Determine focus of ImagineIT (no formal artifact submitted) – July 20th
  4. ImagineIT Phase 1: i-Image ONLY- July 22nd
  5. Amazing STEM – July 25th
  6. ImagineIT Phase 1: i-Video ONLY- July 26th
  7. ImagineIT Phase 2 – July 31st
  8. ImagineIT Phase 2 Revision – August 7th
  9. Deep Play Video (Tinker Tale #1) – August 14th
  10. ImagineIT Phase 3 – August 18th
  11. Summer Reflection Paper – August 18th


Amazing STEM

Due Date: July 25th, 2016 What goes into creating an amazing STEM related teaching/learning experience? As educators we have all had these moments where everything comes together, the stars align and magic happens. It is harder in hindsight to capture what exactly happened—and to figure out how to make it happen again. In this project we …


“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”  ― Gloria Steinem “The possible’s slow fuse is lit by the Imagination.” ― Emily Dickinson The ImagineIT is a year-long, multi-stage project that starts during the summer session (July 13, 2016) and continues through to …

Deep Play Group

Play is the highest form of research. — Albert Einstein What is “Deep Play”? By deep-play we mean an engagement with rich problems of pedagogy, technology and content and their inter-relationships. Deep-play is creative, seeking to construct new ways of seeing the world, and new approaches to using technology, in order to develop creative pedagogical …

Summer Reflection Paper

Due Date: August 18, 2016 A lot has happened in the past few weeks. This paper is an opportunity to step back from the crazy rush of the everyday, to take a moment to think and reflect on what has happened till now, and what is coming up next. Consider this paper as having two …