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Imagine IT – Phase 2

Phase 2: The Big Idea

Product Produced: Publish by July 31, revised based on feedback by August 7

By the end of our summer face-to-face session (July 31), you must publish this assignment under Phase 2 of the ImagineIT section on your website, where it will serve as a draft of your big idea.  This assignment should be no more than 600 words and should include the following:

  • A description of the your professional context (audience, grade level, time available, course selected, etc.).
  • Identify the key big idea (or ideas) that will be the ultimate goal of your teaching.
  • Provide us with a broad stroke understanding of the content you seek to cover/uncover and provide links to any supporting activities.
  • Include some thoughts on the kinds of performances of understanding you seek to implement.
  • Finish with a brief description of your plan — the pedagogical approach you seek to implement, the role of technology in the process and the manner in which technology, pedagogy and content work together in your project (i.e TPACK).

REMEMBER that while the ImagineIT is a plan of action for addressing some STEM content using technology – technology is not the overriding focus.  You start from the big ideas in your discipline and then work back to the solutions (a part of which could include technology).

We will provide feedback on your plan during the online session that begins right after the face-to-face sessions conclude. You should incorporate this feedback and revise your original Phase 2 page by August 7.