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MSU-Wipro STEM & Leadership Teaching Fellowship Program Course Website: Course Email: Instructors and Contact Information: Dr. Punya Mishra Email: Website: Twitter: @punyamishra Skype: punyamishra Candace Marcotte, MAET Email: Web: Twitter: @canmarcotte Skype: missmarcotte Missy Cosby, EPET Email: Web: Twitter: @missycosby Skype: missy.cosby Dr. Akesha Horton Email: Website: …


Daily Resource Recap

Readings To Complete Before First Meeting: We would like you to read two articles and watch two videos before our first meeting: Readings Shulman, L.S. (1999, edited by instructors). What is learning and what does it look like when it doesn’t go well? Change, (31)4, 10-17 Kereluik, K., Mishra, P., Fahnoe, C., Terry, L. (2013). …