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tango steps

i-Video (Due July 26, 2016)

…the water cooler tango!


It’s the last 10 minutes of your lunch break. You just need to fill your water bottle so that you won’t be thirsty for the next three hours of your day.  The water cooler is at the end of the hall, but so is one of your colleagues… and she always has a story to tell. But you’re just SO thirsty and you only have three minutes to fill up before the bell rings and your students return to class. You need to strategize.  You can and WILL fill up your water bottle without hearing about her cats again. It’s time to choreograph a little water cooler tango!

Your mission, that you must complete in order to avoid massive dehydration, is to make the first move. But how?!

Luckily, you are prepared.   You have a big idea that you want to share (the ImagineIT).  This idea is huge! You will now concisely orchestrate and deliver your idea in a way that will leave her swaying to the beat all day long…in three minutes or less!  AND you’ll be able to fill up on those thirst-quenching sips to make it through the day.

Take a deep breath and make your move.

The goal of this assignment is to create a 2-3 minute video that explains your big idea to your target audience by delivering a creative hook.  If you had 60 seconds to sell or teach someone about your big idea, how would you do it?  What would make your idea the one that leaves a lasting impression?

First, let’s provide you with some background knowledge of what digital storytelling is and the implications for teaching and learning. The following resources will help you build your understanding:

Now, let’s consider the delivery of your message.  In all of the examples below, observe how the technology of storytelling (Joe Sabia, 2011) affords the storyteller with the opportunity to make the story clear, engaging, and long-lasting.

How might your story take shape? Take a look at these examples from Cohort 1 and 2 fellows:

Need help thinking through the flow of your story? Use this storyboard template to get your ideas down.


Now, let’s explore tools which will allow you to remix (cue the turntable sound effect) images, audio, and video that are already online.

Create:  A video that is 2-3 minutes in length.  You may utilize the remix tools listed above or you can capture original images, audio, and video for your project.  Be sure to cite images, audio, and video that are not your own!  Incorporate audio, text, images, etc. as you see fit to support understanding in your target audience.  And remember, the goal is to make your content digestible and engaging for your audience!   *Make sure to check your video ABC’s (audio, brightness, blur, camera).

You will publish your video to the Phase 1 page of the ImagineIT section of your website with a brief context. Your context should be no more than 200 words and may include the following information:

  • The big idea.
  • How you came up with your inspiration for representing your big idea through video as a medium.
  • The tool(s) that you used and any “Pro Tips” for others who may be interested in using the tool.

Reminder: Publish by July 26, 2016


Video Tutorials:


Crafting the Water Cooler Tango

Adapted from How to develop a creative ‘elevator pitch’ that captures attention and interest To sell our big ideas, we need elevator pitches that stand out, are unique and stimulate a response. Clearly, some creativity is what is needed to design such a pitch. An “elevator pitch” (think water cooler tango) is a short, self …