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The Leadership Strand

The spring leadership strand will help you develop your understanding and beliefs of leadership by examining and reflecting on your own leadership in your context and by viewing leaders in the field.  We have scaffolded this strand into three major parts:

Please follow the links above to read the details and deadlines for each of these assignments.

Where am I now?

This part of the leadership strand can be further divided into three assignments: In the Room Activity (January 16) Rocking the Boat (February 13) Setting Goals: Instrumental and Missional Thinking (February 27) In the Room Activity (Due January 16th) It’s time for a digital quickfire (everybody say, “Oooooo!”).  Before you begin this challenge, you must …

This I Believe

National Public Radio had a series a while ago titled, This I believe.  As they said in their original invitation (, “This invites you to make a very great contribution: nothing less than a statement of your personal beliefs of the values, which rule your thought and action. We know this is a tough job. …

CPS Tech Talk

Presentation at CPS Tech Talk (April 7th) On April 7th, you will present a poster session at the CPS Tech Talk with your Deep Play Group.  Our theme of the poster sessions with be the “MSUrbanSTEM Playground.” So, in addition to your science-fair style exhibits, we want to engage visitors in a hands-on experience. Take …